About Us and How to Contact Us
Hey, we are Ben’s School of Swimming and we are based in Cragg Vale at The Cragg Country Business Park. With two pools, one situated in Cragg Vale and other in Elland. You can contact us on 01422888429, via email bensschoolofswimming@outlook.com and also via website at www.bensschoolofswimming.co.uk.

Pool Locations
Our pool are located at:
∙ Ben’s School of Swimming , Unit 1a The Craggs Country Business Park, Cragg Vale, HX7 5TT
∙ Plains Pool, The Plains, Park Road, Elland, HX5 9HP
∙ Spring Meadow, 67 Burnley Road, Mytholmroyd, Hx7 5pd

Social Media
We will be using Facebook and Instagram to help promote the business but if you wish to contact us via email for any urgent matters please do so at bensschoolofswimming@outlook.com.

∙ Cragg Vale: Teaching is based over 47 weeks of a year, with 5 weeks allocated for holiday.
∙ Elland: Teaching is based over 39 weeks of a year (working term time)
∙ Mytholmroyd: Teaching is based over 39 weeks of a year (working term time)

What to Bring
At Ben’s we provide armbands, floats, woggles and any other equipment needed for the lesson. The swimmer just needs swimwear and a towel. Please ensure you use the appropriate changing room understanding that children under 8 may use the same sex changing room as their parent and any child 8 years of age or above must use the changing room of their gender.

Swimming Teachers
For your reassurance all of the teachers at Ben’s School of Swimming are qualified through swim England (swimming.org) or the swimming teachers association (sta.co.uk) with first aid training and enhanced DBS certificates in place. Regular checks and maintaining records on the teacher’s performance.

Changing Teacher
We appreciate that changing a swimming teacher can sometimes be unsettling to our swimmers and because of this we will use every reasonable endeavour to provide the same teacher for each lesson however, we reserve the right to appoint a new teacher without prior notification should this be necessary. To talk to us about a teacher change contact us by email bensschoolofswimming@outlook.com or by phone 01422 888429.

Parent or Guardian Responsibilities
Parents or guardians must remain on the premises whilst the child is in their lesson. This is non-negotiable and is necessary in case of a medical emergency, evacuation or other emergency situation. Swimming teachers are responsible for pupils during their swimming lessons and parents or guardians are responsible at all other times. Swimming lessons begin when the teacher accepts charge of the child and ends when the lesson finishes.

Swimming Lesson Payments
At Ben’s we collect payments for swimming lessons in advance by direct debit on either the 1st, 15th or 28th of each month. New joiners will pay a pro-rata payment for any lessons which take place prior to the first direct debit being taken. This is a continuous payment method and one months’ notice in writing is required for the cancellation of a direct debit with Ben’s School of Swimming. Cash payments will be accepted as one offs at the pool at our reception. Please not payments will differ at different locations.

Badges and Certificates
We teach the international learn to swim programme (ILSP) designed and endorsed by the STA (swimming teachers association) Each stage progression can be rewarded with a badge and a certificate which are charged at a combined rate of £3. Badges and certificates are not included in your lesson payment with awards (‘badge week’) given every quarter. Should you miss ‘badge week’ badges and certificates are available to purchase at reception.

Cancellation or Amendment
Ben’s School of Swimming reserves the right to alter, change, cancel or rearrange lessons should it be necessary due to illness or another unforeseeable reason out of the control of Ben’s team. With situations out of the control of Ben’s School we will give as much notice as practicably possible and will contact all affected customers with make-up dates within 72 hours.

Missed Lessons
Lesson fees are non-refundable where the pupil has either missed lessons or decided they no longer wish to attend. In exceptional circumstances the office may exercise discretion.

Pool Closure
In the unusual event of a pool closure and lesson cancellation we will make every attempt to contact our customers as soon as possible to reschedule. Will look to arrange a catch up lesson but you do have the right to have a refund for the lesson. These will be issued to your bank within a week of giving your bank details to us.

Photographs and Video Recordings
For reasons of safeguarding and data protection at Ben’s School of Swimming we do not allow photos to be taken or videos to be made before, during or after the lessons we provide. This is without prejudice and should you have questions relating to this please contact us by email bensschoolofswimming@outlook.com or telephone 01422888429.

Behaviour and Conduct
Parents and guardians are permitted on poolside however we ask that anyone poolside remain away from the pool to avoid any unnecessary distractions for the teachers. Parents, carers and guardians accept that their child is under the supervision and control of Ben’s School of swimming for the duration of the lesson (except for any toilet or other necessary breaks requested by the child where the parent, carer or guardian assumes responsibility). Should the behaviour of the child be unsatisfactory causing disruption to the at class Ben’s School of Swimming we reserve the right to remove your child. If a child is removed under these circumstances and suitable alternative arrangements cannot be made no refund will be provided. If you have a behavioural or conduct concern contact us by email bensschoolofswimming@outlook.com.

Our Responsibility to You
We do not exclude or limit in any way, our liability to you where it would be unlawful to do so. Ben’s School of Swimming will not accept any liability for articles lost, damaged or stolen. Ben’s School of Swimming cannot be held liable for the actions of third parties. These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

Complaints or Concerns
Ben’s School of Swimming is committed to providing the best service it can but accepts that occasionally somethings may go wrong or you may not be entirely satisfied with the service you have received. We welcome the opportunity to address any concern, complaint or issue you may have as soon as possible in the hope we can resolve it to your satisfaction. We value and use all feedback to help improve the service that we provide. To raise a concern or to make complaint contact us by email at bensschoolofswimming@outlook.com or telephone us on 01422 888429.

You can speak with our team, via social media or you can email or telephone the pool at Cragg. Since the introduction of GDPR in May 2018 things have changed in the way we contact you, the information we retain, what we do with the information and where and how we store it.

Data Protection
Ben’s School of Swimming remains committed to ensuring all data is kept confidential and stored safely and securely in accordance with the Data Protection Acts 1998 and 2002 and the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

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